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Recent user feedback

+1 (814) 858-7294
  • Marcy Payne
    21:50 2022-06-21
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Robocall about some "service" we needed to "renew" -- but message was already playing when the machine picked up so no clue WHAT "service". NO caller ID and did NOT recognize #. Clearly some sort of spam....
+1 (412) 447-7666
  • Desdemona Renfield
    15:14 2022-06-19
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Unknown caller (that field was blank) hung up when the machine message started. Google search useless (only hits were an Intellius front site & 3 bogus overseas front sites allegedly for Spokeo, claiming to link # to completely fake sounding names). Guessing spam....
+1 (770) 469-0053
  • Marcy Payne
    10:34 2022-06-19
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left, and no caller ID. # traces to some woman in her 90s, so could be a misdialed #. But ALSO could be a spammer who spoofed her #....
+1 (412) 733-8187
  • Chloe Judge Wilson
    23:52 2022-06-17
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Didn't recognize # or the name which came up: "MANGANA MICHAE [L?]", so screened the call. NO message left. A bunch of bogus front sites for Spokeo for the # on Google; NONE for it WITH the name....
+1 (412) 291-9966
  • Jane Doe
    21:12 2022-06-17
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Caller ID said "Potential Spam"; screened what was a robocall claiming to be UPMC billing. Turned out I've gotten calls from this # in the past and so had a bunch of OTHER people.... Clearly a scam!
+1 (412) 735-3605
  • Penny Wise
    19:35 2022-06-17
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left. No apparent connection between # and the name on the caller ID: THAKORE KHYATI that I've been able to find, and this is the 2nd call in as many days from this area code & exchange with no connection between name and #....
+1 (412) 735-1500
  • Marcy Payne
    18:02 2022-06-16
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Caller "GREGORY DANIEL" hung up after the machine picked up -- no message left (just dead air). Didn't recognize either name or #. Neither (at least together) does Google. Suspect spam....
+1 (412) 734-8798
  • E. L. Arch
    11:34 2022-06-16
    Category: Sales Calls
    Didn't recognize #. NO caller ID; no message left. A couple of sites gave real names, but nobody I know. A site like this had a report of "dead air" when the person picked up (similar to my experience). So, could be a misdial -- but COULD be a spammer....
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