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Recent user feedback

+1 (724) 833-9070
  • Penny Wise
    13:41 2024-07-20
    Category: Other Calls
    Came 9:48 AM (Saturday)! Picked up rotary phone in basement (was expecting a call). Guy with an Indian accent said he was from "Diabetic Health Services". Said he'd misdialed came up as "WAYNESBURG PA" (724 NOT an area code for there)
+1 (610) 350-2097
  • Desdemona Renfield
    14:28 2024-07-17
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Guy from "COMCAST OAKS /" asked for my husband by first (!) name. I said "Not Available" hung up. Reporting it to all the sites I can, PLUS reported # directly to Comcast. Only hit on Google? A suspcious site with a "mr" domain!
+1 (717) 207-8687
  • Bianca Lyttle
    15:15 2024-07-16
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "NAMSCO PLASTICS" (and this is NOT that company's # -- I checked!). Only hits on Google were some bogus sites with fake-sounding names like "Polo Ocana". So, guessing some sort of spam (maybe phishing for working numbers?).
+1 (484) 906-5063
  • Jane Doe
    18:53 2024-07-12
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Call came in about 12:15 PM. No message left. Caller ID said "HAVERTOWN PA" and I've gotten other calls from that same caller ID and about a dozen from that same area code since January. No messages left from them either....
+1 (717) 537-4506
  • Penny Wise
    18:47 2024-07-12
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left. Caller ID just said "LANDISVILLE PA" but was NOT marked as a verified call. Only hit on Google was a report site that may or may not be legit -- but their server isn't responding at the moment....
+1 (445) 777-8570
  • Penny Wise
    20:08 2024-07-03
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "MORRISVILLE PA" (the generic locative with the space in the middle is generally a "tell" that it's spam. As is the complete lack of information about the # on Google -- NO hits for the # at ALL..... Guessing it's SPAM!
+1 (412) 240-5658
  • Penny Wise
    14:49 2024-07-01
    Category: Sales Calls
    Didn't recognize # but spouse had me pick up -- BAD mistake. Some sort of muzak in the background but then my phone died. Looked # up? FIRST hit on Google had it flagged as spam! And so did ANOTHER site or two!
+1 (412) 703-1619
  • Bianca Lyttle
    23:34 2024-06-28
    Category: Sales Calls
    Caller ID just said "PITTSBURGH PA" (the space in the middle pushing the text to the edges of the caller ID screen). Didn't recognize #. Google only had 1 hit -- a suspicious site at that.... Guessing it's spam using a spoofed caller ID and/or a suspicious #.
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