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Recent user feedback

+1 (412) 593-2819
  • Harriet Bovik
    14:09 2024-02-28
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Didn't recognize #, so screened call. No message left even though went to voicemail. Caller ID said "PITTSBURGH PA". Only hit on Google? A suspicious sounding blog site for a PERMANENTLY ClOSED business, which showed some fake sounding names to Google....
+1 (223) 305-6409
  • E.L. Arch
    17:28 2024-02-20
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "Name Unavailable" -- but reports on some other sites like this one that it was some fake police charity scam call.
+1 (412) 734-6550
  • Marcy Payne
    18:33 2024-02-16
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "VERIZON" and NOT marked as a verified #. NO hits for it on Google either.... Suspect spam....
+1 (484) 229-0887
  • Jane Doe
    18:58 2024-02-01
    Category: Sales Calls
    Another call (6th in a WEEK) from "NEEDMORE PA". Last 4 digits always different. Picked up & hung up on seeing caller ID. Called back on different phone. Guy with an accent could/would not tell me why I'd been called (never a message left, BTW). Added # to ticket filed with FCC....
+1 (717) 573-7221
  • Marcy Payne
    18:52 2024-02-01
    Category: Fraud Calls
    At this point, I've gotten so many from this area code/exchange it's bordering on harassment. Always come up as "NEEDMORE PA". Picked up and hung up, then called back. Guy with an accent could/would not tell me why I'd been called (not the sharpest spoon in the drawer...).
+1 (814) 293-4270
  • Penny Wise
    22:53 2024-01-31
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Caller ID just said "HUNTINGTON PA". No message was left even though supposedly there was voicemail. Only hits on Google were for bogus sites, so suspect spam (probably a robocaller system or someone phishing for valid #s to sell to other spammers).
+1 (484) 229-1384
  • Jane Doe
    22:50 2024-01-31
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "ALLENTOWN PA", even though call went to voicemail. No useful hits for the # on Google. Suspect spam. DO NOT PICK UP FOR ANY CALL WHERE YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE THE # or CALLER ID!
+1 (717) 900-0754
  • Penny Wise
    14:07 2024-01-31
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Another hangup! Guessing spanners ran out of available "NEEDMORE PA" #s, because this one came up from a different exchange, ALSO reported this to the Federal DNC list (along with all the "NEEDMORE" calls...).
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