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+1 (570) 658-8062
  • Jane Doe
    23:50 2021-11-19
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left -- caller hung up/was blocked/was a robocaller when the machine picked up. Suspect spam, given how few hits there were for the number in a Google search.Choice One? Pretty much every OTHER site checked said the carrier was some flavor of Verizon....
+1 (267) 356-4659
  • Jane Doe
    18:15 2021-11-19
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Gotten two calls from this number in a week and a half. First time, no message left. Second time, just some random background noises on the answering machine message. Could be a phishing expedition.
+1 (412) 695-8811
  • Penny Wise
    14:45 2021-11-19
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Came in while on a call. Caller didn't try back after getting busy signal. BLANK Caller ID field! # traces back to 2 carriers. Plus to "Global Crossing Local Services": a DEBT collector with a sketchy record & which was in BANKRUPTCY proceedings last March!
+1 (240) 757-2459
  • Johnny
    15:39 2021-11-17
    Category: Other Calls
    (757) 240-2459) Riverside Recorded displayed on phone , Recorded Female voice " ,Hello, If you have not been late on any of your electric bills you are entitled to a "10.00 Gift card, press 1 to claim". I hung up at this time without replying .
+1 (210) 365-4369
  • H B
    14:27 2021-11-16
    Category: Secure Calls
    They FaceTime called me and hung up. But it is a landline so it doesn’t make sense
+1 (307) 487-4187
  • Sarah Duncan
    06:24 2021-11-14
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Social Security Law Enforcement scam !!!!
+1 (929) 833-2360
  • Ginger Krog
    06:20 2021-11-14
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Prob auto warranty service but no message left.
+1 (520) 532-5125
  • Herbert Lum
    06:16 2021-11-14
    Category: Fraud Calls
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