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Recent user feedback

+1 (582) 257-6467
  • Penny Wise
    12:34 2024-05-28
    Category: Fraud Calls
    "Name Unavailable" left no message. Picked up by mistake; "Mark" asked for me by name(!), so hung up. Tried to call back on a "safe" phone; got a "We don't recognize this #" message. Several sites said # is either invalid or coming from outside the US!
+1 (724) 343-8084
  • E.L. Arch
    20:02 2024-05-24
    Category: Sales Calls
    Caller ID just said "BLAIRSVILLE PA" (yes, with space in the middle). No message was left even though the machine picked up. Tried calling back on a "safe" phone and got a recording saying to call back on the # THEY called.... Clearly some sort of spam.
+1 (445) 273-9937
  • Bianca Lyttle
    11:48 2024-05-24
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "Name Unavailable" although call went to voicemail. Gotten other spam calls from this area code/exchange. And another one where I called back on a different phone please call back from the one WE called" (AS IF!)
+1 (717) 573-7249
  • Desdemona Renfield
    20:09 2024-05-23
    Category: Sales Calls
    And ANOTHER call from this area code/exchange which came up as "NEEDMORE PA" (the space in the middle pushing the text to the edges of the screen). This one got flagged on another site as being a solar power scam.
+1 (213) 837-9256
  • Marcy Payne
    13:27 2024-05-23
    Category: Other Calls
    Chose "Other" because I've already seen this # flagged on other sites -- one report was that it's a healthcare spam call, and another (on a different site) that it's a tax debt relief spam call.... Take your pick (but it's STILL SPAM regardless).
+1 (717) 931-5824
  • Marcy Payne
    13:25 2024-05-23
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Guessing that's the right category, given that the caller ID came up as "DOVER PA" (pushing the text to the edges of the screen, a red flag that it's spam.
+1 (610) 477-4694
  • Bianca Lyttle
    14:09 2024-05-19
    Category: Other Calls
    Caller ID said "AHPA-PA". Husband told the caller to remove our #. Almost NO info about caller ID and NONE in connection with #, but he thinks it's political spam from a right wing PAC funded by the Koch Brothers....
+1 (724) 364-1496
  • Marcy Payne
    15:44 2024-05-15
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left even though call went to voicemail (suggesting a robocall system). Caller ID said "BROWNSVILLE PA" (with space in the middle like that). Another report site had it flagged as a car warranty spam call.
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