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  • Me
    14:20 2021-10-20
    Category: Fraud Calls
    talks about debt relief and attorneys and says to call back on a different #
+1 (215) 901-3418
  • June
    18:00 2021-10-18
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Calls from renee hems for crimes against cats.
+1 (412) 457-8181
  • Jane Doe
    11:14 2021-10-18
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Caller "Potential Spam" hung up (or was blocked or was a robocaller system) after four rings, so no message left. Not a lot of hits in a Google search (and half of THOSE were "Been Verified" front sites). Suspect spam.
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  • Gerald Beasley
    19:24 2021-10-17
    Category: Fraud Calls
    Contacted initially on my previously public Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook account through a chat/messenger feature. When I ignored him and blocked him, he started getting phone lines with only a two-letter state postal abbreviation. He first used WI, then TX, and another one I can't recall. He also asked me to set up a Hangouts app account and accept his invite.
+1 (971) 253-0639
  • Gina Bretz
    19:10 2021-10-17
    Category: Secure Calls
    Selling Insurance
+1 (712) 847-5416
  • Katherine Taylor
    19:04 2021-10-17
    Category: Harassing Calls
    Called yesterday 9/20/21 at 2:28 pm the telephone rang several times and hung up did not leave a voicemail message on the answering machine did not attend to the call as did not recognize the telephone number
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  • Rodney Follett
    19:01 2021-10-17
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Car extended warranty robocall.
+1 (919) 551-0035
  • William Collins
    18:37 2021-10-17
    Category: Fraud Calls
    No name or message; scam.
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