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+1 (856) 861-6320
  • Mmki
    13:53 2020-09-18
    Category: Fraud Calls
    This phone number belongs to the business of a family friend. When I called and spoke to the physician, it was clear that I was interacting with a complete fraudster or that she was involved in phone harassment. I do know that some nurses and doctors orchestrate medical situations so the victim has to make an appointment, and then the nurse uses the patients cell phone data via remote access to their open ports, to communicate. This can be the deepest and darkest of illegal coercive force if you exclude engineered crime that some in law enforcement use to access someone's phone data without warrant. Anyway, I'm not sure I was even talking to the MD that's a family friend. This BS must stop, so how about a class action lawsuits everyone?
+1 (202) 324-3000
  • Mmki
    13:29 2020-09-18
    Category: Unknown Calls
    I called the FBI tip line several times and this was the number associated with the FBI. The horrible human being on the other end of the phone kept switching the call to other people that clearly were not FBI agents. They were abusive and lying. So, someone is intercepting my phone calls and forwarding to extremely abusive people. I consider that harassment and illegal coercion. I've had this happen with 911 calls in NJ as well. I think it might be local police officers, afraid of internal affairs investigations propogating the harassment. I'm not sure though, but they were conducting phishing attempts for names and social security numbers. When my phone data got hijacked, the only people contacted were local law enforcement, so I can only assume that they have something to do with my bank account thefts.
+1 (856) 329-9030
  • Mmki
    12:32 2020-09-18
    Category: Unknown Calls
    Well, they called, hung up the phone (I could here telemarketers in the background) and didn't say anything. I called the number back and there was a weird message, which I recorded and wish I could include here. I have evidence that someone named RasMan has been remotely accessing my offline computer via phone. This is interesting because the phone service carrier of the hacker is Sprint, which is not my phone carrier. Please stop the targeted harassment!
+1 (803) 232-5856
  • Patrick Jennings
    01:13 2020-09-16
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Texted me asking what it would take to take my house off my hands. Claimed to be "George a local home buyer"
+1 (915) 671-9019
  • James Johnson
    01:12 2020-09-16
    Category: Sales Calls
    Called me and left no voicemail. Must be a spam call. Blocked.
+1 (757) 560-9830
  • Rei Ken
    01:12 2020-09-16
    Category: Debt Calls
+1 (609) 457-3053
  • Scott Odell
    01:11 2020-09-16
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Called, left no msg
+1 (952) 243-5254
  • Carmen Vega
    01:10 2020-09-16
    Category: Harassing Calls
    No msg left
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