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866-949-1692 Report: Suspicious

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Area Code: 866
Prefix: 949
Owner name: Kathryn Keenan   View information
State/Province: Toll Free
Use Type:
International format: +18669491692 / 0018669491692
Time Zone: 13:26:28

User Report stats for 8669491692

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    Secure calls

    The caller is a trusted individual or some institution and is a secure caller.

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    Fraud calls

    Callers are phone scammers who can make you lose money and reveal valuable personal information.

  • 3 user

    Harassing calls

    These callers are deliberately harassing intentional pranks or perverts that can seriously affect your life.

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    Sales calls

    The phone, usually from debt collection, may contain intimidating tone. But it is not excluded that it is an unsafe call.

  • 39 user

    Debt calls

    Usually it is to sell you insurance, car, real estate and other callers. But please be vigilant.

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    Unknown calls

    These calls are calls you haven't heard. You can't be sure who the caller is.

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    Hang up calls

    The phone automatically hangs after a brief ringing. Sometimes it is repeated. Do not rule out harassment or other.

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    Other calls

    This category is the other phone types we have not summarized above.

Comments for 8669491692

  • Robert Adam Davis  3 month ago
    +1-866-949-1692 | Category: Other Calls
    I received a letter dated 12/10/12 from United Airways stating I qualified for two roundtrip airline tickets (valued up to $1298.00)and that they attempted to contact me several times without success. It was signed by Stacy Lane, Vice President. The callback number is 1/866/949/1692. I believe this is a method telemarketers use to avoid violating No Call regulations by offering an enticing product/service to get people to call. After seeing this website I discarded it accordingly.
    Michael Mendozaroche  3 month ago
    +1-866-949-1692 | Category: Sales Calls
    Same thing, United Airways from Stacy Lane. Hand addressed post cancellation from Phoenix, AZ. UL-32799
    KAREN Harbison  3 month ago
    +1-866-949-1692 | Category: Debt Calls
    united airways

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Recent user feedback

+1 (941) 919-1445
  • Marcy Payne
    22:03 2023-11-27
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "Name Unavailable". NO hits for the # on Google -- even with # in quote marks to filter the results(!) either. Level 3 Communications is the carrier? Color me surprised (no, that's sarcasm). Betting a spoofed #, since it doesn't seem to exist....
+1 (469) 983-7332
  • Penny Wise
    22:37 2023-11-21
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left even though call went to voicemail. Caller ID just said "DALLAS TX". The NoMoRobo website ALREADY had this # flagged as spam when I went to it (they have a recording and transcript).
+1 (929) 447-3394
  • Marcy Payne
    02:18 2023-11-20
    Category: Hang up Calls
    No message left by "BRONX NY", even though supposedly went to voicemail. Only hit on Google for # was some overseas site that I think is a (fake) front for Spokeo, telling Google it's got a bunch of names on it which also sound fake.
+1 (475) 328-4788
  • Marcy Payne
    00:09 2023-11-20
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Caller hung up even though call went to voicemail. Caller ID just said "DARIEN CT" (yup, with empty space in the middle). Google wasn't much help -- ONLY hit was for some overseas site that's likely a fake front for Spokeo, from the bogus-sounding names listed.....
+1 (352) 664-1161
  • Penny Wise
    17:58 2023-10-20
    Category: Hang up Calls
    "Name Unavailable" hung up after 4 rings -- not even on long enough for the machine to kick in. NO hits for the # on Google (even in quote marks!) -- not even the fake fronts for Spokeo! And "partial" hits included a calculator app for figuring out "sine" and "cosine" for #s!
+1 (617) 923-8470
  • Harriet Bovik
    19:08 2023-10-16
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Caller ID said "LIFELINE SYSTE [MS]" but this does NOT appear to be a number connected with them -- and there were NO hits for the number by itself in a Google search. Caller hung up before the machine could go to voicemail. Don't know if it's a misdial, a robocall or just a spammer....
+1 (831) 241-8846
  • Marcy Payne
    22:09 2023-10-11
    Category: Sales Calls
    Didn't recognize #. Caller ID said "WIRELESS CALLER" so I screened the call. Someone tried to send a fax but clearly misdialed. # traced to a CA community center -- but ALSO to what sounded from like a CA cannabis dispensary (at least from its website)!
+1 (567) 588-9510
  • Penny Wise
    03:00 2023-10-10
    Category: Hang up Calls
    Caller "Name Unavailable" did not leave a message; but another site (FIRST hit on a Google search for the #) ALREADY had a report that it was a solar power robocall....
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